Planting Reading Seeds

Our Inspiration

Susan is a Speech Pathologist and after retiring has branched out into Reading Tutoring, in part due to the desire the help her grand children to become successful readers.  She has been educating Children for more than 30 years.  She loves all kids, but has a special heart for young children.  Well written children’s books have always been a part of her interaction with kids. You can always reach a child with a book!

Our newest venture is a book packed with God’s love for young children called “LOVE TALK“.

As an owner of a Sylvan Learning Center for a several years, it became apparent that many children were not getting the basic learning education needed to be successful at reading.  This is a basic requirement to have success in other areas of learning, even Science and Math.  She has worked with home school kids as well as public school students.  

Learning Disabilities Checklist

Here is a checklist to help you explore learning disabilities.  Most people have problems with learning and behavior from time to time.  Click on checklist to open or download the attached pdf file.